During 2018 we transitioned our branding from Dun & Bradstreet to illion. This was an exciting step for our business, cementing our position as a great data and analytics company. 

We now have Australia’s richest data registries of commercial and consumer information. Our software, business models, data, and insights provide the infrastructure that powers the decisions of many sectors and consumers in our region, and our new name reflects our growth into this space.

In 2019 it is now time for us to take the next step in our branding evolution and we will now be formally integrating many of our subsidiary brands into the illion brand.

This site exists to help support our customers through these rebrands, answer frequently asked questions, provide resources and guidance.  We know that’s useful and we know it doesn’t take the place of human contact, so never hesitate to reach out directly to your Account Manager or to our team here if you need to.

You can check back here regularly for the latest updates, but we'll also send you regular emails with key updates and links back here to the details.

What will change?

  • Essentially, all our non-consumer-facing brands will become illion branded

  • This means that key brands like Proviso, TenderLink, TalkingTech, BitData, TINZ, Inteflow, and Index Partners will all be integrated into the parent brand

  • To understand what that means for you as a customer, visit the brand pages for each via the top menu