In 2017 we announced that BitData had been acquired by data and analytics company, illion. 

Since then, we have had access to illion’s extensive data and analytics capabilities, allowing us to enhance the offering we deliver to you and to expand our offering by embedding illion’s analytics solutions allowing you to manage your customer interactions even more effectively.

It is with great excitement that we now announce that we will formally be integrating our branding, and BitData will now be presented as an illion product: illion Consumer Marketing. We’ve chosen this branding as it acknowledges the strength of the BitData brand in our core markets, while also embedding us as part of the illion family.

We are also updating the name of our legal entity from BitData Pty Ltd to illion Marketing Pty Ltd.

Our branding change will transition between now and the end of March, while the company name change will formally take place on Friday 22 March, along with many of the Group’s other subsidiary brands, such as TINZ, Inteflow, TalkingTech, TenderLink, Proviso, and Index Partners.

What does this mean for you?

There will be a noticeable refresh of the corporate branding of our brand online, and in letters and emails. Other than that, it’s business as usual:

  • We will continue to offer the same high standard of services as delivered under the previous naming model, and there will be no interruption to any of our current services.
  • As only the names of brands are changing, and not the underlying legal entity or company number, any agreement you currently have with BitData will remain in full force and effect, on the same terms and conditions as currently in place.
  • When you log into impacted platforms you will see a new interface with the updated branding. The URL to access these platforms may also change in some cases.  We will provide the new details to you shortly and will redirect the existing URLs for a period of time after that before disabling the redirects.
  • Your invoices will come from illion Marketing Pty Ltd, not BitData Pty Ltd.
  • Importantly, the company number (85 431 690 565) and the legal entity you are contracting with will not change.
  • Bank account and BSB numbers will remain the same so you will not have to change these details.
  • Our office locations, personnel and phone numbers will remain the same.

What do you have to do?

  • If you reference or link to any of our websites from your website, you may need to update the linking URL, names, and logos; we will provide you with these files and details shortly.
  • If your terms and conditions reference BitData, you will need to update them wherever they appear, to reference illion. Your account manager will provide you with any detailed information you may need on this
  • If you reference BitData letters or communications to your customers, then this will need to be updated to illion; we will provide you with the details and files you need.
  • You will need to reflect the name change in your processes and systems.
    To reiterate, there has been no change to your contract or to our legal entity (other than a change of company name); this is not an assignment of rights, a sale of business, or a change of control.
    The only change that will be made is a change to the name of the legal entity. No contract variation or written approval is required.

We look forward to continuing our successful relationship with you as an even more integrated and holistic provider.  As always should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.